Henna Design

Tattoos From $22 (Price depends on the size and detail of henna design)


(Price depends on the length and thickness of hair) Single $3-50 Short $55 Medium $75 Long $135

Corn Braids

Single $4-50 Short $85 Medium $110 Long $170

Sugar Scrub 30 mins|$55-00

This is a locally produced scrub which exfoliates and at the same time moisturizes and hydrates dry and dehydrated skin, as raw sugar is blended with nuts and coconut virgin oil, which helps get rid of stretch marks, flaky skin and ingrown hairs.

Coconut Scrub 30 mins|$55-00

A blend of freshly grated coconut, mixed with coconut virgin oil, helps to exfoliate and moisturize dry and dehydrated skin leaving your skin cleansed with a tropical glow.


Dilo Wrap 30 mins|$60-00

Relieve and rejuvenate your skin after a harsh sun tan with the help of our locally produced dilo and cucumber wrap. This wrap ensures to re hydrate and relieve you of that burning sensation, leaving your skin calmed and nourished.


Coconut Cocoon 45 mins| $90-00

Freshly grated coconut milk is massaged into your skin, and then poured all over you, before you are wrapped in a warm cocoon. As you lie in your wrap, your scalp is massaged by pouring warm coconut milk then wrapped in a warm towel completing your treatment.


Marine Mud Wrap 30 mins|$95-00

Detoxify and stimulate your body circulation with natural marine mud as the mud revitalizes and hydrates your skin as you lay in a warm cocooned wrap.

Express facial 30 mins|$55-00

Get a quick makeover as a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage and a nourishing mask, leaves the skin feeling revitalized and ready for show.


Blissful Facial 1 Hour|$75-00

Treat your face with our blissful facial and feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This treatment is ideal for sun exposed skin as it really makes you feel hydrated.


Wrinkles-Go-Away 1 Hour|$85-00

Start working on those wrinkles with our intense facial treatment designed to actively renew and replenish skin cells while deeply nourishing with a rich textured mask, gel serum and vitamin E oil infusion leaving skin looking and feeling radiant and young.


Pamper Facial 1 Hour|$95-00

Leave your skin feeling pampered with our individually tailored treatment that thoroughly cleanses a congested complexion to rejuvenate and nourish your skin, followed by an infusion of serum and a luxurious face, neck and décolletage massage.

Scalp Massage 15 mins|$25-00

Enter another dimension of swirls and patterns while you sit back and relax or add on to your treatment with our hot oil scalp massage and relieve yourself of all the tensions and worries when your massage is complete with a warm towel wrap.

Sinus Massage 15 mins|$25-00

Help us, help you to get rid of that congestion and headache with the help of our sinus massage using Japanese medicated oil. This massage concentrates on the pressure points around the eyes and nose.

Aromatherapy back Massage 30 mins|$55-00

This relaxing treatment combines aromatherapy and massage to focus on specific problem areas with the help of aromatic oils to unwind tense and tight muscles.

Foot Reflexology 30 mins|$55-00

Treat your tired feet to a relaxing massage as we concentrate on the pressure points and help you get back up feeling calm and relaxed.

Manicure                              Pedicure                             Shellac                        Nail Art

Express Manicure: $35                    Express Pedicure: $35                 File & Gel Polish: $25          Nail Art: from $5-$30

Deluxe Manicure: $55                      Deluxe Pedicure: $60                  Shellac French Tips: $10

French Manicure: $10                      French Pedicure: $10                 Shellac Removal:$15

File & Paint: $15                               File & Paint: $15

Oasis Package 1 Hour 30 Mins|$200

Start off your package with a relaxing back massage, followed by a coconut cocoon wrap. Receive a relaxing and rejuvenating express facial, while your body absorbs all the healthy nutrients from your wrap. Complete your package as your therapist moisturizes your body after a quick rinse-off.


Tropical Escape 2 Hour|$200

Escape the rush of life as this package starts with a warm foot soak before you move into your room to experience paradise. Your treatment starts off with a full body scrub followed by a full body aromatherapy massage. Your package is completed with an express facial, leaving your whole body to glow radiantly tropical.


Indulgence Package 2 Hours|$200

Indulge yourself with a hot stone massage which goes on for 90 minutes, followed by a marine mud wrap. As your lay in your warm mud wrap, complete your indulgence as you receive an express facial to feel the complete enhancement of your mind, body and soul.


Romantic Discovery-Couples 2 Hours 30 Mins|$400

Discover romance at a whole new level and express your love to a special someone, starting your package with a full body coconut scrub, followed by a full body aromatherapy massage and a coconut cocoon wrap. While you lie in your wrap, enjoy an express facial and a scalp massage to complete the relaxing experience.


Wax Hair Removal

Eyebrow Wax: $15     Upper Lip: $12     Chin/Slides & Neck: $35     Full Face: $45

Ear/Nose: $27            Bikini: $35            Brazilian: $80                     Full Arms: $48

Underarm: $20           Full Leg:$55         Half Leg: $35                     Chest: $45

Back: $50                   Stomach: $35


Eye Treatments

Eyelash Tinting: $20

Eyebrow Tinting: $18