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Sinus Massage

FJD $25 | 15 Mins

Help us, help you to get rid of that congestion and headache with the help of our sinus massage using Japanese medicated oil. This massage concentrates on the pressure points around the eyes and nose.

Hot Stone Massage

FJD $125 | 60 Mins

Experience a combination of hot stones and a full body massage which gives you an immediate feeling of healing and relaxation. The heat of the stones work magic on stiff muscles and built up tension.

Couples Massage

FJD $160 | 60 Mins

This intimate treatment for two is performed side-by-side accompanied by soft music and candle light, where therapists provide a simultaneous full body massage using pure coconut virgin oil that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue

FJD $100 | 60 Mins

Get rid of your “knotty” muscles, as we give you the experience of a deep tissue massage to increase circulation and enhance muscle function for individuals really looking for medium to firm pressure on tense and tight muscles.

Full Body Aroma Therapy

FJD $75 | 60 Mins

Drown yourself in our blends of aromatic oil, reduce your stress levels and enhance your emotional well-being as we give you a relaxing full body massage.

Foot Reflexology

FJD $55 |30 Mins

Treat your tired feet to a relaxing massage as we concentrate on the pressure points and help you get back up feeling calm and relaxed.

Aromatherapy Back Massage

FJD $55 | 30 Mins

This relaxing treatment combines aromatherapy and massage to focus on specific problem areas with the help of aromatic oils to unwind tense and tight muscles.

Fijian Bobo

FJD $85 | 60 Mins

Experience Fiji’s traditional massage which incorporates medium pressured massage techniques using an exotic blend of oils to increase circulation and restore the body’s natural balance leaving you feeling like a true native.

Heart Works Lomilomi

FJD $130 | 1 Hour & 30 Mins

This ancient Hawaiian healing art incorporates rhythmic movements and effleurage strokes that realign the body. It reduces stress, brings balance and an overall sense of well-being to the body, mind and spirit.

Scalp Massage

FJD $25 | 15 Mins

Enter another dimension of swirls and patterns while you sit back and relax or add on to your treatment with our hot oil scalp massage and relieve yourself of all the tensions and worries when your massage is complete with a warm towel wrap.