Coconut Cocoon

FJD $90 | 45 Mins

Freshly grated coconut milk is massaged into your skin, and then poured all over you, before you are wrapped in a warm cocoon. As you lie in your wrap, your scalp is massaged by pouring warm coconut milk then wrapped in a warm towel completing your treatment.

Sugar Scrub

FJD $55 | 30 Mins

This is a locally produced scrub which exfoliates and at the same time moisturizes and hydrates dry and dehydrated skin, as raw sugar is blended with nuts and coconut virgin oil, which helps get rid of stretch marks, flaky skin and ingrown hairs.

Marine Mud Wrap

FJD $95 | 30 Mins

Detoxify and stimulate your body circulation with natural marine mud as the mud revitalizes and hydrates your skin as you lay in a warm cocooned wrap.

Coconut Scrub

FJD $90 | 45 Mins

A blend of freshly grated coconut, mixed with coconut virgin oil, helps to exfoliate and moisturize dry and dehydrated skin leaving your skin cleansed with a tropical glow.

Dilo Wrap

FJD $60 | 30 Mins

Relieve and rejuvenate your skin after a harsh sun tan with the help of our locally produced dilo and cucumber wrap. This wrap ensures to rehydrate and relieve you of that burning sensation, leaving your skin calmed and nourished.